Geroge $ Sons Upholstery F.A.Q.


F.A.Q. George & sons Upholstery F.A.Q. s
  • How long do you keep my furniture?
    Reupholstering with us can normally be done in 2 weeks or less, although some jobs may take longer if regluing or refinishing is required.
  • Does George & Son's pickup my furniture?
    We offer a pick-up and delivery service for any job you may need. 
  • Does George & Son's refinish antiques and other wooden furniture?
    We offer regluing, full refinishing and touchup services. Depending on the individual piece a slight touchup may do the trick or a full refinish may
  • be required.

  • Does George & Son's sell fabric?
    We can assist you in finding the right fabric, velvet, vinyl or leather. Our Orleans location is geared to help our residential customers looking to purchase in stock material at a great price!